Paint Failure Definitions

Chalking - Natural occurring with paint wear.

Premature Chalking
- Paint was over thinned during application

   Paint applied in heat of direct Sun. ( Mostly Dark Colors)
                  Painting over a wet surface.
                  Multi-coats applied too soon to a painted surface

Checking or Cracking
- Wood shrinkage after paint application or multiple layers of paint on plywood.

Premature Fading
- Paint over thinned during application or the use of interior paint on exterior surfaces.

Bleeding through Streaks
- excessive moisture behind painted surface moves water soluble pigments to the surface. ( find and fix excessive moisture source and prime with a high quality primer before painting)

Bleeding through Stains
- Non compatible stains move through the paint and to the surface before to paint dries. ( apply a high quality primer/sealer to stains before painting )


What is paint failure
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Alligatoring -  the weathering of multiple layers of paint usually of different types or the application of a layer of paint over oil based paint that is not fully dried. 
( alligatoring appears as Alligator skin, and often is an indicator of Lead based paint in an underlying coat.)

-   The top surface of paint dries before the underlying layer. ( this is usually a problem when using oil based paint in cold weather.)

-  Can be caused by poor surface preparation or moisture bleed into the paint film.( premature peeling may be noticed after the FIRST application of Acrylic paint over wood that has been previously painted with oil based paint)         

Always prep surfaces well and use only high quality primers and paint.