For most interior applications with Acrylic (latex ) paint the best choice is a nylon/polyester blended brush. For windows, doors and woodwork trim a square cut two and a half inch trim brush works well for all interior work including "cutting in" the ceiling and walls. Do not use a 100% nylon paint brush, even though it may be labeled "for latex paint". Nylon will become limp ( and useless ) after a few hours of painting.

You may consider buying a one and a half or two inch sash brush to paint around window panes. The bristles of a sash paint brush are cut at an angle to allow for easier painting into the corners and around the glass. Stick with the nylon/polyester blend. Do not use this brush on doors or flat work.

Should you decide to paint your interior trim with Alkyd ( oil based ) paint or polyurethane, your best choice is a china bristle brush. China Bristle is made of hog hair from the Chinese long haired swine. The white bristle paint brush is softer than the black bristle and seems to apply a smoother finish. NOTE: Water cleaning swells the bristles so limit this brush to solvent based paints, stains or clear coats.

For residential purposes a standard nine inch roller frame is a good choice. Select a quality roller frame, the type that grips the roller cover at the ends seems to rollout smoother than the tension (wire) birdcage type of roller frame.

Select a good quality roller cover. For latex paint a synthetic fiber 3/8 or 1/2  inch nap gives the best all around performance for painting the smooth or semi-smooth surfaces of walls and ceilings.

Do not use a roller paint tray, buy a five gallon bucket and a roller grid. The grid hangs on the inside rim of the bucket, this allows for rolling off excess paint from the roller.

Use a roller extension pole. A home owner need not invest in a high quality extension pole, however, a roller pole is a good time and back saving investment. Consider the height of your walls and ceiling, in most cases a four foot extension pole should be  adequate.

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A good paint brush will be tapered at the end of the bristles. The tips of the bristles should be flagged and soft. The bristles should be firm but not stiff. The best indicator of a good paint brush is price. Do not skimp when buying brushes, a cheap brush is harder to use and can ruin the appearance of the finish.

A shed resistant mohair or wool blended 3/16 to 1/4 inch nap roller cover should be used for Alkyd ( oil based ) paints.

Do not buy cheap roller covers even though you may throw them away at the end of the paint job. Cheap covers do not hold or release paint well and will shed fuzz onto the wall.

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