Author Topic: Alternatives to bleach for killing mold  (Read 2316 times)

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Alternatives to bleach for killing mold
« on: April 22, 2007, 03:07:51 AM »

Just an FYI that some may be interested in. Whats most interesting and promising to me is that with these you don't have to rinse off the product AND,( im assuming here) that you can get them on garden plants. So when pressure washing you would leave the Tea-tree-oil on the building for a longer time than the bleach to let it do its dirty work getting up under the siding and being absorbed into the wood along with the water (assuming again), killing off mold while the water evaporates.

At Bartels you can buy a 2 oz. bottle of Tea-tree-oil for 7.50. Its deluted 2tsp/2cups water. I bought a 1 oz bottle and created a spray bottle that mists well. I used it in a bathroom and i thought i had used a lot but looking at the bottle I hardly used any. I cleaned the area of mold with the rough side of a sponge and rinsed often so as not to spread the mold spores around, i applied the tea-tree-oil as i cleaned, then as i was prepping i sprayed the entire area again after it had dried. The mold was in about a 7sqft. area.

And on a side note- if you dig the idea of tea-tree-oil killing bacteria, they have Tea-tree-oil toothpaste as well. I may be excited by this because i've heard topical application of fluoride (aka brushing) doesn't do a whole lot.
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