Author Topic: ??? CONCO paint @ Menards ???  (Read 17464 times)

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??? CONCO paint @ Menards ???
« on: October 14, 2007, 10:30:31 PM »
So I'm checkin' out the competition recently (Menards), and saw a LOW-priced line of paint called Conco.
Real Generic lookin' cans/5-gal's.

Only about half-dozen colors avail. in Flat (of course!!), & Eggshell.
I think the "5" was cheaper than 1 gal. of C2... :o !!

Anyone had the pleasure/DIS-pleasure of this stuff?
Or is it a "diamond in the rough" kinda thing  ??? ?

Hmmmm, people spend $$$$$ on furnishings...
BUT, Oh my God, that paint is $40/gaL!!
It's the most noticeable part of an interior!!


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Re: ??? CONCO paint @ Menards ???
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2007, 07:48:40 AM »
Faron, I've seen Conco on a few commercial jobs around here that I've contracted as a sealant-installer. Never tried it myself, but I've noticed some translucent qualities here and there. I assume that's due to painters' skill more than product quality. Their website gives me the impression that they're a Menards-specific product, so not likely available outside the upper midwest.


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Re: ??? CONCO paint @ Menards ???
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2007, 09:25:08 PM »
Conco is made by Sherwin Williams.  If you look on the address it says Clevland, OH which means SW (Dutch Boy, Pratt & Lambert, etc) I believe they were a small company from California from several years back.  I have met with the sales rep in my area and I have tried several products.  He says it is between the ProMar200 line and Superpaint (I believe it is closer to the ProMar!).  Be sure to meet with your rep to get some samples so you can decide for yourself whcich products are best for you.

I have used their flat "1000" line to repaint a house which needed a quick, dramatic color change from brown to a neutral color.  The eggshell "1500" is very average and had terrible color retention, I had to constantly stir the paint while painting.  The Semi-gloss is also very mediocre.  To me it is worse than the ProMar200 Semi-Gloss.

I believe their primers are their best products especially the High Build Primer, that is a great product!!

They have exterior paints and a new DTM line which I have not used.

Overall, they have their place, a cheap price for an ok paint.  The only way you can beat their prices is if you have a company with a HUGE volume of paint sales like getting SW Builders Solution for $6 a gallon.

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Re: ??? CONCO paint @ Menards ???
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2007, 08:04:42 PM »
It seems they are new kids on the block

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Re: ??? CONCO paint @ Menards ???
« Reply #4 on: October 24, 2007, 05:47:38 PM »
I'd say about 10 years ago I used Conco paint on an apartment interior. The Home Depots here in Reno used to carry it at that time. It was supplied to me by the customer and I recall thinking it was the worst paint I had ever used in my life. That paint couldn't even cover antique white with 3 coats of antique white. Don't know if it's gotten any better since then. Nobody around here carries it anymore that I'm aware of.

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Re: ??? CONCO paint @ Menards ???
« Reply #5 on: October 29, 2007, 05:55:00 PM »
I just started using this stuff. Mainly for ceilings. And I see it made in Cleavland, I was told its made by SW but who knows.
Its good paint. Really white and touched up great!

BTW I have only used the 100 line of the Flat bright white.
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Re: ??? CONCO paint @ Menards ???
« Reply #6 on: November 27, 2007, 02:20:35 AM »
You think that is cheap?  This past weekend the Menards flyer had advertised 99 cents for singles.  I can't remember what brand.  I was their picking up a new scaffold and some other goodies that were marked way down for the 5 hour black friday sale and saw several people with cans of it.  I just shook my head and silently wished them the best.

I have used conco once that I remember, about 5 years ago.  My uncle and I were going to repaint a guys vacant rental home so he could get it ready to sell.  He showed up with that stuff.  Truthfully it didn't seem to bad, but back then I knew so little that I probably could have put milk on the walls and said the same thing.

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Re: ??? CONCO paint @ Menards ???
« Reply #7 on: May 18, 2015, 06:46:28 AM »
A great exchange of information.