Author Topic: Gonna try some pix here....  (Read 17766 times)

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Re: Gonna try some pix here....
« Reply #15 on: December 11, 2007, 11:43:40 PM »
:D :D VEEEEEERRRYY funny Guys!! :'(!! >:(!!...hee-heee

Believe it or no...Haven't had an accident on/near that $$tinter!!

Now the shakers on the other hand... :( :'(!!

Saaaayy.....if ya look close at the computer-screen, you may be able to see my "Go Vikes!" screen-saver :D!!!

Once in a while, I've got all 3 tinters shooting, and all 3 "gallon-shakers" goin'...kinda cool when I can watch everything doin' its a weird "Paint-makin'-Symphony"! :P :D
(and NO, I don't stand there like a conductor... ;)!)

Hmmmm, people spend $$$$$ on furnishings...
BUT, Oh my God, that paint is $40/gaL!!
It's the most noticeable part of an interior!!