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jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_13170").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});Learn new and upcoming paint regulations for your state or browse the new federal (paint) regulations. Very useful information for both professional painters and DIYs.

jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_13182").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});OK, If I read that right in order to BUY automotive paint you will need a certificate of training in it's use. IMO, Next in line will be required certification for the use of an airless spray rig or you can't buy one..   :-\   and the beat goes on....  :'(

jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_13189").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});Insane - but unfortunately not surprising.

jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_13190").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});I think they are trying to push the little man/woman out of business so the big dogs can take over. Just waiting to see what they are planning for the house painters. BIG GOVERNMENT AT WORK AGAIN. Guess we all better be prepared.


Chip McCheckellson:
jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_13620").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});I think automotive paint is a whole different story which has to do with Isocyanates, a chemical introduced with the advent of chemically hardening paints. Apparently people have died upon first breath of the stuff and there are many rumors of modern auto paints significantly reducing your life span on auto-painter's forums. All of the paint manufacturers say to use an expensive fresh-air supplied face mask with iso paints.

What was scary to me when i was painting cars is that i could smell the plume of invisible paint overspray and probably bondo dust downwind from our shop. Another thing was at the probably 12 or so shops I'd either been in or worked at, none of the painters used positive-pressure, fresh air supplied face masks. We all just used  the standard 3M's against manufacturers directions AND Washington State law. This is in Seattle people... SEATTLE! hehehe


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