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Re: Painting a 6-panel door
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As a matter of technique, I keep the paint inside the panel and keep the stiles clean until I am ready to paint them. This way I don't have to deal with tacky paint and avoid ropy
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Re: Painting a 6-panel door
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A vid is worth a thousand wurds! 

Because a 6 pain'er is putsy to begin with, I just brush.  Takes about the same time, a bit more control. Those are metal, not wood?  Wood ones have more distinct panels, and can be really brushed individually quite easily. The metal ones are a bit harder.

Nice addition to the collection here ! 

yea that looked like a masonite door....I brush them out as well.(if you are used to brushing oils based impervs, then latex is a piece of cake) they key is to make sure you change brushes often.never brush into the corners durring the second coat, or you will get heavy build ups and drips. and always strain your paint before and durring.. I can make doors like that look like they were done in a shop.

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I guess this sounds like I was trying to teach you something, but that wasn't the case. just thinking out loud....ya know
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