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NOTICE New EPA Rules April 22, 2010

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jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_22923").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});The EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) takes affect on April 22, 2010. Unlike many other less substantial regulations, this Rule will bring major changes in the way painting contractors and renovators are able to conduct business in the USA.
For the purpose of painting under the RRP Rule ANY residential home constructed before 1978 automatically falls under the Rule, the home Does Not have to be tested for lead paint and Does Not require that lead paint be present.  

For painting pre 1978 homes interior or exterior RRP requires:
One person that is always on site or readily available to be Trained and Certified in lead safe work procedures.
Formal written Documentation and record keeping by the Certified person pertaining to Home owner notice, proper setup, proper work procedure, and proper cleanup of the work site.

This one has Teeth:
Failure to comply with the RRP Rule can result in a fine of $37,500.00 per day per violation.
False or misleading documentation by the Certified job supervisor can result in criminal felony charges.

The only safe way to be excluded from the Rule is to have the home tested for lead paint by an EPA certified and approved lead tester, the cost of these tests could total more than the entire painting contract.

Training requires an approx.8 hour course in lead safe work procedures and certification approval by the EPA. After submitting training verification, the EPA may take up to 90 days to issue your certification approval. You will be responsible for training costs and the EPA certification fee.

Here is the link to the EPA Rule for contractors

Here is the link to the video about the new rules

jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_22924").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});The one thing I wonder is for those painting contractors that do not read this website or any painting website, how are they going to know that this 'rule' even exists?

jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_22926").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

Took the course, ordered a hepa vac, getting ready to work over 6 mil poly... oh boy.

Most my work is the "target" age.

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--- Quote from: CarlThePainter on February 25, 2010, 10:56:37 PM ---The one thing I wonder is for those painting contractors that do not read this website or any painting website, how are they going to know that this 'rule' even exists?

--- End quote ---

A favorite quote drilled into me incessantly during my school days;

Ignorance is no excuse...

This is bad law, period. It is designed to acquire money and expand power of government.

...It is also, by design IMO, to eliminate competition and allow the "big boys" to monopolize the industry.

Ultimately I believe it will not stand the scrutiny of the Constitution (10th Amendment)...

Defiance will be widespread and the government will NOT be the good guy in all this, regardless how goody-two-shoes they make themselves out to be.


jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_22932").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});We already have clients that are having a fit over the new law. Trying hard to complete one now before the law kicks in. Most of our work is in newer homes, but have a few really good clients that have completely remodeled their homes from top to bottom, inside & out, but will still fall in the new law category because the home was built in the 60's. It seems this new law does not take in to account when a house has been remodeled, it only cares about the birth date. All windows & doors have been torn out & replaced with modern design, all walls & trim have been torn out & replaced . The house was completely gutted. Even the floors were replaced with solid black walnut. No lead in this house at all.  :o
There needs to be an exclusion for remodeled homes, but there are none.
These attorneys may have a field day with this one.

BJ how much did the course cost you, if you don't mind telling us.

Carl, most of us were blind sided with this new law. No one has been informed by mail, paint stores or any other manner. Many are not prepared for this move. Waiting for the Sh** to hit the fan around here. My brothers are big building  contractors & had no idea this law was out there until I called them yesterday. They are usually on their toes with the new rules, codes, etc. It is going to hurt a lot of people. In this bad economy right now it is a very bad time for such a law.



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