Author Topic: Well, I really got myself in trouble this time  (Read 7848 times)

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Well, I really got myself in trouble this time
« on: July 26, 2010, 12:59:27 PM »
It all started with a comment  to my Dad one Sunday about 4 months ago. I told him I wanted my husband to make me a new mantel. He told me he had one in his shed I could have if I could use it. Well we went to his shed & found it. It had been in the shed for over 35yrs. It was taken out of a house down town that he remodeled . The house was build in the 1800. We dug it out of the accumulated dirt. It was in pretty good shape ( meaning it had no rot & only missing 2 small pieces). We loaded it up on the truck, it weighed a ton, solid oak. It was coming apart at the glue joints & warped a little (Ha! Ha!) Basically a pile of pieces held together by a few screws. We brought  it home  unloaded it & put it in the shop. My husband scratched his head & said a few choice words, but decided it might be worth the effort. He completely took it apart, re glued & clamped all the joints, put it all back together, scraped off the loose lead paint & finished it enhance the old finish.

He applied several different color stains until he achieved the look we wanted, then clear coated it. The clock on the mantel was his Great Grandmothers. I works great as long as you don't forget to wind it.


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