Author Topic: Suggestions for a semi Gloss Black Paint for a steel door (to spray)  (Read 2179 times)

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I previously Brush and roller painted my front door with Rustoleum Satin Black "Door Paint."

I Painted it early in the morning, but was still probably 80 degrees when I started painting.  The paint started drying as soon as the first brush or roller stroke, that when I came back to brush or roll it out.........the brush or roller would stick and leave a mark, and if I tried loading the brush or roller with more would generally end up with a run in that area.    What a mess. 

I've sanded the door in preparation for a re-do, and plan on using my Accuspray HVLP unit.   Its a commercial grade HVLP and should be up to the task.

I'm looking for a Satin Black finish that leans more towards the flat side of the gloss-flat spectrum;  and one that would work well with my HVLP application.

Any Suggestions?

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Re: Suggestions for a semi Gloss Black Paint for a steel door (to spray)
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In my experience Benjamin Moore paints tend to be on the lower side of the sheen spectrum and ICI Glidden tends to be on the high side... the HVLP should spray any latex enamel well, but be sure to test spray on scrapes before you hit the real thing...  ;)
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