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Acid stain/paint
« on: June 08, 2015, 10:49:09 AM »
Hi. I haven't been here in a while. I had to register all over again. I was jvt321.
My question concerns a concrete floor indoors. New area for me. The homeowner put up walls, re-did the house, painted...etc. He said a few years back he'd take care of the floor later.
Well, everything I read talks about the etching process, of course. They all talk about hosing off the floor to get all the etching/acid off before you stain/paint. Hosing off this floor is not an option even with the furniture moved out.

So, Valspar has an etching stain that allows you clean the floor, put on the etching stain and then mop with a baking soda solution to stop the acid process. The staining and etching is all one step. However, the Lowe's here in Ar doesn't carry it and you have to order 4 gallons (in a box) at a time because it's hazmat. I could drive to the Lowe's 100 miles away and buy it a gallon at a time.

There is another product by EnduraCoat that is similar. They have kits, concrete conditioners and so forth.
Their website states "Remember NEVER acid etch concrete before staining. " That surprised me.  ???

Well, any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.