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Airless Sprayers- Which?
« on: June 20, 2015, 01:51:37 PM »
Newbie here.
A quick question or two.

I had a Apex Spraytech 1920 airless sprayer for about 12 years. It worked very good until this past week when I goofed it up. Of course I tried to spray Drylok through it, and I got almost 5 gallons through it before it died. In all my time using this I never knew or read one couldn't use Drylok through it.

Well I figured it was cheaper or less trouble to simply buy another one than to rebuild this one. I then found out that Wagner bought out Apex and has recently discontinued the Apex line. (Sounds just like Wagner.) But I can still get one of the remaining Apex Spraytech 1920s, if I wish too.

Because of this I started looking at the Graco airless sprayers, specifically the ProX9 261820. I can get either of these for about the same price, so I have a choice. I know the Sprayech 1920 was a decent sprayer, but what about the ProX9? Can anyone make any informed statements about their choice of the two? Is one to be preferred over the other? Is one really better than the other? The Spraytech 1920 already has strikes against it because it is no longer being made, and because Wagner bought them out. But other than that does the Graco offer any real advantages over the Spraytech 1920?