Author Topic: All about eco-paints?  (Read 2981 times)

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All about eco-paints?
« on: October 27, 2015, 04:49:41 AM »
Hey, i'm confused about choosing what kind of paint and finish is best for my interiors. So I have planned to hire a painting contractor in Oakville (that where i'm located)  to get my house paint in and out. I recently came to know about eco-paints that cause little allergy to home users unlike the usual ones. Do eco paints come in all finishes and types? What is the average cost of eco-paints and which are the main paint brands that provide these kind of paints?
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Re: All about eco-paints?
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welcome....most major suppliers of paint will have the No VOC (volatile organic compounds)paint just make sure that the tint the store uses to make colors is no VOC...most have switched over to no VOC tints in recent years...they come in all finishes but are only one type of product...i would say the basic homeowner could spend between 25 to 40 dollars a gallon depending....good luck
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