Author Topic: I have been in this business just over a year and need advise on bidding jobs.  (Read 2155 times)

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I suspect your asking because your not making the money you thought you would?  There are other post in this forum about how to bid  jobs, so my answer will be what are you probably doing wrong.  I had the problem of not making enough money. 

The first thing I look at is what would it cost me to hire a well paid painter to do this job, plus material (if you buy) Then pay overhead and some advertising for the next job.  Are you charging enough to do this. Do  you have a daily minimum.  Are you covering time to set up and clean up after. 

The worst thing that I used to do is "bid'm to get'm.  If you've developed a reputation of quality work your should be able charge enough to cover your business expenses.  I will tell you my experience when I quit second guessing my price, the yes time from customers took longer,  I had a few that I thought I wasn't going to get this year, but 3 out of 5 called back and I got 5 referrals from two of them.  BTW, I'm currently working on the third one,  and hope to get some referrals there too.

Two more thoughts.  I know painters who lost jobs bidding too low.  People with nice homes care more about the work being done professionally then some hack trying to get beer money.  Also, if you can't make a decent living you might as well go work for someone  else and not have the hassle of running a business

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if you are buying the supplies make sure you get that money up front.  this way you can still keep your credit good even if you get screwed.
think about what you feel you want to make on a job.  then add 5% (this is wiggle room for you) I would agree with tally that alot of painters are bidding to get them, and thous are the ones who are losing money.  you are better off turning down a job if you feel that you are not making any money on said job.  Only a year on the job in bad times will take longer to get the jobs, but as tally has said if you are good painter then the jobs will come with time.
some of the painters that i know have been working in the same area for years just on what people say.  it takes time but find the right group and price will  not be an issue as long as it is fair
as far as how to bid the jobs that is different amoung who is doing the job. if your price is too high then adjust with the 5% otherwise walk away

good luck.