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Exterior Paint issue.
« on: May 25, 2017, 05:56:08 PM »
Newbie here.

Just had our exterior of home painted by a company that was rated A++ here in Phoenix area.

I had a lot of hairline cracks on the stucco.  Vertical, horizontal and spider web look.    Tbe company pressured washed, then put on a coat of Dunn Edwards Evershield Flat on.   After the coat thete were still hairline cracks visible.  They applied Dap Custom Patch Sanded with a brush.  They then applied a 2nd coat.   After the 2nd coat dried you can see where all the hairline cracks were because the Custom Patch was bleeding through!  The company said they would be back to fix.  Tbey came back and applied a coat of flexible masonary primer which is for stucco hairline cracks.   Then they applied another coat of paint,  but still can see all the brushed lines from Custom Patch.  Anothet coat of primer and paint again and lines are still visible!!   My stucco finish is becoming non existent because of so many coats.   They want to apply another coat of primer and paint!

Anyone have any ideas of what happened in my case and how to eliminate the Custom Patch lines?