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jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_27131").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});Hi Every one

am very new to the house,moreover today is my first time on this discussion.Am very new in the business of house painting and i have some little worry about it.
I have never done painting before but i just grow interest in the business and now am planning to own a painting company of my own.
if any member of the house can give me guide line on how to run it.moreover greatest worry now is how to get the exert amount of paint for  building and also how to prepare quote for painting job.

jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_27132").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});If you've never painted before, don't try it. Go get another job.

jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_27134").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});good luck with that

jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_27135").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});I don't know my friend. It sounds like you are setting your self up to fail. If you REALLY want to have a painting company maybe you should go work for someone else for a few years. You really need to know more then how much a sq. ft. to charge.

jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(function(){jQuery("#msg_27136").css("overflow-y", "hidden");});});The average high-quality painter works for years before knowing enough about the biz to start out on their own.

If you really want to take the shortcut, buy into an existing national franchise - all they offer is unskilled labor anyway.  Just don't expect to work much or earn anything for your time, because that's usually how it works with SortaPro and the other franchises out there.

And be aware, even as an unlicensed contractor, handyman, or even day laborer, any potential mistakes made by a beginner without experience will most likely put you on the bad end of a lawsuit.  Seen it happen, more than once.

If you don't know how to do a job, learn it first.  Faking it will ultimately lead you somewhere you do not want to go.  Painting is a skill that most folks simply are not capable of doing properly.  If a monkey could paint, then none of us would have a job.  It is FAR more difficult than the big box commercials would lead you to believe.  I know painters who have been at it for 25+ years and still don't know it all.  I doubt I'll EVER know it all.  This is a skill which takes A LOT of time and experience to develop.

Trust me, jumping into this business completely unprepared is the kiss of death.


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