Author Topic: I have never experienced this problem before on Wagner HVLP Sprayer part!!!  (Read 4313 times)

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Here's what happened...

I have a Wagner HVLP Control Max Sprayer system. I have used it for about 3 years while I'm building my new home. About 3 months ago, I remove the plastic spray tip, plastic airflow control knob and the plastic threaded retaining ring (holds the other two onto the gun) and let them soak in a coffee can of mineral spirits. Fast Forward to three days ago.......I remove the three parts from the mineral spirits and start to assemble them on the gun and I notice that my female threaded retaining ring simply slips over the male threads on the gun and will not tighten. It's like the threaded retaining ring suddenly has grown one size to big  :o

Now, let me say that the threaded ring was not soft, cracked, oblong or anything else that would seem to indicate the mineral spirits damaged it. It was still perfectly in round and the threads look great. The ONLY problem was that it "grew" so big that simply slips over the male threaded gun (with a little friction).

Knowing in the back of my mind that anybody I explain this to will think I am drunk, high or brain dead, I still call Wagner and ask them if they have ever heard of this before. They said never, never, never heard of such a thing and sent me a new part (they probably thought I was drunk, high or brain dead). I received the new part and it fits perfectly. If you hold the old and new part  back to back you can visibly see the size difference  :o

Anyway.....thoughts  ???