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Anybody ever hear of or use this product? - It claims that you clean a vinyl house, then apply this stuff like a stain, and it restores and protects the vinyl for up to 10 years.  It seems almost too good to be true - like if it worked that well EVERYONE would be using it...

I'm very interested because we have neighborhood after neighborhood of big vinyl "McMansions" around here that are looking pretty sad.  I pressure wash a lot of these places, and sometimes even give them whole-body scrubdowns, but they never seem to look that great after because of residual chalking and fading. 

The worst is when we take shutters down to paint them and it still looks like the house has shutters - lol - but it really illustrates how crappy the exposed vinyl really looks.

Anyway, If this stuff works, and isnt just some crackpot product, I could really market it around here and do "Vinyl Restorations".  I can't believe there arent more products out there for vinyl seeing as how it is such a huge segment, and also seeing how a lot of these homeowners are starting to realize the myth of "maintenence-Free" vinyl siding... heh heh heh.

Oh and as a secondary topic - if this stuff sucks - What do you guys do for vinyl houses?  Straight up pressure wash?  Scrubbing?  What products do you use?  A lot of people say PAINT it, but around here if you paint a vinyl house in the summer, when it gets cold in the winter the house will have little stripes all over it where the vinyl shrinks and reveals unpainted vinyl at the joints...  not pretty at all... I really need a great solution because NOBODY seems to care about the growing problem of weathering vinyl around here, and I really think homeowners would love an alternative to replacement... 
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There seems to be a lot of R&D in antimicrobial polymers these days. I have never used that specific product but I suspect it is an acrylic sealer with antimicrobial properties. IMO it looks like a sound approach to the problem.

As far as that particular company.... just don't know...  :-\  I'd do some serious research before jumping in...  ;)
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Vinyl ReNu might be chemically similar to Restora from Flood.  Be very careful.  Rumors in the industry that there have been problems with Restora related to film consistency which provides an uneven finish. Repeat these are rumors and I suggest you check further if you are going to use.

Painting vinyl siding is an option.  SW Durations and Resilience are good options.
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It may PROTECT the faded-vinyl better than doing nothing....
BUT it won't restore color :'(.
THAT'S impossible :'(.

Once dyes have faded, there's just no bringing them back. All you'd have is "sealed faded" vinyl....

Once again, the "cheapness" of vinyl comes back to bite us in many ways!! I CANNOT STAND  :P the stuff. I'm so glad we have real good seamless steel-siding. ZERO maintenance  :D in 12 years. It's "boring White" with brick accents!

Hmmmm, people spend $$$$$ on furnishings...
BUT, Oh my God, that paint is $40/gaL!!
It's the most noticeable part of an interior!!

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I have painted lots of Vinyl houses with Duration. It looks great and holds up like a champ.


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Faron's right, you can't restore UV burned color in anything, you can only replace it.

There's another aspect to vinyl that the salesmen won't tell you--It takes stains (bug crap, rust from guttersm sills, etc. and HARD water from sprinkler systems) readily, but unless cleaned meticulously and often (several times a season), those stains are permanent. Some stains don't care how often you clean--They won't go...

The next great innovation will be the Trex-style of "picture of wood" siding...We'll see...
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  • Can I paint latex over oil? Sheeeeesh..YES!
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I recovered my house with fibercement siding when it was time to paint the aluminum.

It's the nicest product I've painted in a long time.

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thanks for the list guys. it'll really help me.

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Re: Vinyl ReNu? - need a great solution to clean and restore old vinyl....
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This is a very serious issue, I do not understand it very well yet. But thanks to you everything becomes clear.
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