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I have been a cabinet painter a long time. I am repainting some cabinets that were painted a while back with a clear coat that yellowed (General Finishes High Performance Clear). The customer wants to foam roll the casing and spray the doors and drawer fronts in a bright white. I decided that it would be hard to spray the doors with a product such as KemAqua and match with a waterbased paint, so the advertisements led me to use PPG Breakthrough, the dealer quoted me 110 per gallon but I found that it was around $50 at Home Depot.  But the product does not feel as hard as I had expected. I bought a gallon about 2 years ago to paint some furniture a lady wanted to include in her move and also be able to touch up when she got it in the new house, it felt very hard. So, is the product from the PPG store harder or just pricier? There were many PPG stores here at one time, but only the one main store which is pretty far away is left. If the stuff is the same, there is no advantage in paying$110, but maybe I can clear clear coat it with BM StaysClear. I have use this in the past over SW ProClassic waterbased enamel, and it worked fine. This was back in the faux finish boom. I would hate for the StaysClear to have a bad reaction to this, unknown paint, unknown to me at least. Your advice If you have experience with this product would be helpful, but please don't blast me with why did you need a brushable paint? Or I use Milesi, etc.

I know there are great hard sprayble paints but I have all ready painted the doors and drawer fronts after priming, I used an airless and plan to do the final coats with an HVLP. It is raining hard outside, and I painted the fronts late yesterday when we did have a few shower clouds. Maybe there is a cure time but the ads say an hour to recoat, the backs have dried 24 hours in more dry conditions, but I'm leery of the feel of the paint.

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Title says it all.
House was last painted in 2012.
I installed press fit house numbers after painting.
Is there a way to remove the numbers with minimal damage to the siding?
I will ask the new contractor how they handle this, but I am guessing the numbers need to come off.
The house will be spray painted.
No lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
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« Last post by rfsmith48 on December 25, 2020, 02:48:56 PM »
I am refinishing a Pantry cabinet that has Oak on the front face. (Front face is in good condition)
The sides are particle board  covered with thin oak grained vinyl. Sides are not terrible, but not very good either.

I am considering  prepping the vinyl for paint.
Is this a practical solution? How do I get good paint bonding to the vinyl?
All help is appreciated.
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« Last post by notapainter on July 08, 2019, 06:28:04 PM »
No comments?  Oh well. 

I took off the door, laid it flat, and painted it yesterday. It seemed to go well.  I don't know if having the door vertical would have been easier, but my fear was that I would have more chance of runs.  With the door horizontal, perhaps any thick paint blobs will level out smoother.
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