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Home Owner's DIY (General painting) Forum / Re: City Skyline!
« Last post by FinSpin on November 25, 2016, 12:32:37 PM »
Anyone? I could really use some advice, help  on this.
Home Owner's DIY (General painting) Forum / City Skyline!
« Last post by FinSpin on November 24, 2016, 04:16:32 PM »
Hello everyone!

I am planning on painting a city skyline in my room, on one of my walls. My idea was to, above my window, paint a skyline, entirely black or dark blue. Then, dark spots around it as if they were clouds almost, or as if you would dab with a sponge in a few places. It's hard to explain. Then, glow in the dark stars and a moon (maybe a UFO or a rocket, idk) and windows of the building in glow in the dark as well.
So you wouldn't be able to see the moon, stars and windows when the light is off, but when it's on you would see the stars and moon and the windows would light up, as if somebody turned on a light inside.
I want to have that so I don't have to do touch-ups a lot. So I don't have a glow in the dark paint I need to re-do every month or so. Preferably I don't want to do touch-ups at all, but I don't mind once in a while.
So my question now;
- Is this possible?
- What kind of glow in the dark paint do I use? (a yellow one, that lasts a while, please)
- And, if I were to move out and am in need of repainting it to it's original state (a white wall), would that be possible? Or would the black and glow in the dark paint show?

Donate it to habitat for humanity and write it off as a contribution

I am painting some rooms in my home and when I purchased the paint, I accidentally bought
more than I needed for the job. Now I am trying to find a way to sell the extra paint so that
I can recoup some of the costs, does anyone have any advice on where I could try to sell
the paint to get some money back. I already set up posts on OfferUp and Craigslist.

Professional Painters and associated Trades Forum / Re: consumer reports
« Last post by annarosy on November 22, 2016, 04:30:06 AM »
I don't do this for a hobby and I'm damn sure I don't need the practice
Home Owner's DIY (General painting) Forum / Re: Introduce yourself here
« Last post by Thomas Falater on November 13, 2016, 07:34:54 AM »

Thomas Falater from Milwaukee, WI here. I used to be a painter in college back in the 70's and now am a DIYer. My house is beautiful and I'm so glad I had the experience of house painting when I was young.

I'm here to answer any questions.

Home Owner's DIY (General painting) Forum / Re: Difficulty Picking the Right Color
« Last post by mymint87 on October 27, 2016, 08:00:40 PM »
welcome...try choosing an accent base should be able find one that comes  close to your fixed or factory finished colors in each room, then request a 50% formula and a 25% formula of the color you chose....good results are only from pastel bases not white or deep bases
Home Owner's DIY (General painting) Forum / Difficulty Picking the Right Color
« Last post by epw on October 27, 2016, 12:15:52 PM »
Hi guys, I hope I'm in the right type of forum to ask this type of question!   If not, just tell me to buggar off.  ;)   We're renovating a home we just bought.   We're having a lot of trouble deciding on a paint to use in the main areas (kitchen, living, master, office and hallway).   My hope was to find a LIGHT gray with just a SLIGHT hue of beige or taupe in it.   But as I've started trying many different samples, none of them are quite doing it for me, and I'm starting to wonder if maybe I need the opposite.... a light taupe with just a slight huge of gray in it.   

If it helps... our floors are a very, very dark wood.  This wood runs through the entire first story of the house... living, kitchen, dining, office, and master (even the bathroom).  And our goal is to eventually remodel the bathroom and the kitchen with mostly white cabinets, chrome hardware, and some sort of white/grayish granite countertops. 

So you see, I waffle back and forth between the two colors I mention above... I believe the taupe w/gray would be beautiful and warmer, and easier to switch back to earth tones if we ever decided to do that later down the road.   But I also wonder if the gray w/taupe would be just as easily to transition since both are sorta earth anyway.   

From the above description of our home and what we're going for in our bath/kitchen, does anyone have a good suggestion on a very light taupe/beige that has just a slight hue of gray in it?  Or if you have a suggestion on a light gray that has a noticeable taupe in it, I'd be happy to hear of that too.  Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated.  We're about to spend a lot of money painting our entire house, and we're terrified of getting a bad color on the wall, and could use any suggestions for the perfect color in this type of family.
Home Owner's DIY (General painting) Forum / Re: Tiny cracks over fresh caulk
« Last post by mymint87 on October 26, 2016, 11:00:56 AM »
welcome, paintable caulk will always be designated so on the label, and depending on the climate, sometimes it takes a bit for the caulk to fully dry and shrink while doing so....sounds like it was less of a problem after a second coat so regardless of the caulk being paintable or unpaintable silicone, i would hit it again with another coat and keep my fingers crossed....good luck
Home Owner's DIY (General painting) Forum / Re: Painting scratched wood doors
« Last post by mymint87 on October 26, 2016, 10:55:55 AM »
at the shower, peeling paint and actual drywall repair are 2 different things so unless there are actual repairs, i would just remove loose paint, prime, recaulk and paint.... and clarifying the door work, although the soft spackle will somewhat harden when the new paint absorbs into the patch, I would look at using a 2 component bondo on the large flat area and the spackle on the trim if it is ornate with routed grooves and radius's  with as it is a bit easier to sand down to match the existing trim...good luck
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