Author Topic: Some Redwood deck pics of mine...  (Read 5869 times)

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Some Redwood deck pics of mine...
« on: August 23, 2008, 03:08:00 PM »
Hi gang!
Just so's ya know I'm not just babbling about decks!
These are a couple shots of my 12yo Redwood deck. Some areas look better than others because the sanding is ongoing. This year it's the steps again, spindles, and the outer fascia-boards.
These show the deck this July. The lower steps were sanded/stained in late June.
Sikkens SRD Redwood #089 used.

The "project supervisor" is "on deck"...

Lower steps:

Closer view of lower steps. That 2x12 Redwood stringer would be big $$$$ now!

Some of the stain. I went thru 13 gallons for the fence. Dekswood was used for cleaning the fence...

My setup...


Hmmmm, people spend $$$$$ on furnishings...
BUT, Oh my God, that paint is $40/gaL!!
It's the most noticeable part of an interior!!